Adam Bonner

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2010 Grappler Fall Classic Highlights

on March 31, 2011

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The 1st Annual Grappler Fall Classic was a huge success with 400 participants from 11 states that made up a star-studded field of All-State wrestlers, state champions, and nationally proven wrestlers from all over the country.

Among the 400 wrestlers who participated at the 2010 Grappler Fall Classic, 105 of them went on to earn all-state honors in their respective High School State Tournament, including 21 eventual State Champions!

The Numbers Don't Lie - Champions start their season at the Grappler Fall Classic!

One of the top seniors coming out of Michigan in 2010, Bonner is explosive and technical for a big guy. He was a 2010 Div 2 State Runner Up and also placed in Division 1 as a Freshman

  • Greenville

  • 2010 Grappler Fall Classic Champion 2010 D2 State Champ 2008 D1 State Placer

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