Brent Metcalf

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65kg Round 2 Brent Metcalf (USA) vs. Kaya (TUR)

on September 12, 2014

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Brent Metcalf is one of the most anticipated recruits to enter college. He was undefeated in high school wrestling with 4 Michigan state titles. He also earned 6 junior national titles in the Olympic style of wrestling. College fans across the nation had to wait an extra year to see his return because he transfered to Iowa and was denied his freshman season by his former school. In 2008 he won the 149lb National Championship and was named the Dan Hodge Trophy winner.

  • NYAC

  • Davison High School

  • Universiy of Iowa

  • NCAA Champion, Hodge Trophy Winner, 4 Michigan State Titles, 6 Junior National Titles