Roger Chandler

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140 lbs match Cary Kolat Jefferson Morgan vs. Roger Chandler St Edward

on May 23, 2012

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Cary Kolat finished his HS career undefeated 4X PIAA Champ, & went on to become a 4X NCAA All American, 3X finalist, 2X champ, and Olympian. Roger Chandler is a 1992 Ohio State champion & 3X NCAA All American for Indiana University.
Video of 1992 NHSCA 140lb final.

Roger Chandler is one of the few wrestlers to pass through the stories St. Ed tradition in Ohio to be coached by the late Howard Ferguson and Greg Urbas both. Roger was a state champion as a senior and went on to become a three time AA for the Indiana Hoosiers and an NCAA Finalist. Coach Chandler has been with the MSU Spartans since the 1998 season and remains the MSU top assistant.

  • Michigan State Wrestling

  • St. Edward (OH)

  • Indiana University-Bloomington

  • Ohio State Champion, 3XAA, NCAA Finalist

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