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160 Logan Marcicki DCC vs. Ben Whitford STJ

by Michigan Grappler on November 30, -0001

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Comments5 comments

Anonymous Coward 2 years ago

this was a great match. Kudos to both wrestlers.

Anonymous Coward 2 years ago

the reason why the ref grabbed his arm is because he didnt "put it" on his head he elbowed him in the head jackass

Anonymous Coward 2 years ago

pro dcc refs

Anonymous 2 years ago

It was the end of the match

Anonymous Coward 2 years ago

At 8:23 when the time is winding down and Whitford claims his dominance by putting a forearm on the back of Marcicki's head to keep it in the mat... Why does the ref "freak" out and grab his arm?? Tell that ref his that this is a mans sport, and his man card is up for debate... Let them wrestle, two top teams in the country they are going to go at... Tell Marcicki to get his head off the mat.

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