The best wrestlers in Michigan battle it out for State Titles at The Palace of Auburn Hills

March 3, 2011 - March 5, 2011

The Palace of Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills, Michigan

created by: Michigan Grappler

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me 4 years ago

yea but everyone is jealous of dundee cc and st johns and by results they chose to go there!

A_1 4 years ago

School of Choice is NOT recruiting!!

me 4 years ago

all schools that recruit and would suck without

Anonymous Coward 4 years ago

NO SUCH THING AS LUCK>>> HE WON FAIR AND SQUARE... lets not forget that st.johns recruits or they would be wack.. if they had regular students from their district like most schools, they would not be anything, so they need to stop saying they work harder then anyone.. no you dont you just recruit harder than anyone

you coward 4 years ago

he outworked him, schmitt couldnt get past his wizard

Anonymous Coward 4 years ago

golani got a lucky head lock, he didnt outwork schmitt.

biggie smalls 4 years ago

listen up, golani is the state champ end of story, schmitt can wait till next year

yourahater 4 years ago

why are you mad that golani won, he was bigger and he out worked schmitt. stop hating on golani

puppy prince 4 years ago

joey golani got very lucky when he got schmitt in that head lock if it weren't for that there would have been a differnet state champ. The other thing was that schmitt took him down and then they went out of bounds and he wasn't credited for those either so the reffing wasn't spectacular either.

EditKing 4 years ago

Here is the video of Golani Vs. Schmitt

Go to youtube and search: Joseph Golani

unfair practice 4 years ago

Grappler was the only one who did not interview Joey Golany. Everyone else did when he won. If Schmitt had won he would be all over the place. Grappler gave him a whole page already.

Michigan Grappler 4 years ago

We are only allowed so many minutes of video for the tournament per the MHSAA so we picked one finals match at each weight prior to the start and we went with D4 112, obviously not knowing what golani was going to do

Anonymous Coward 4 years ago

They probably would show Golani's win over Schmitt if it wasn't for Golani's coach acting like a fool after the win.

Why Would They? 4 years ago

Why would they Show Golani's match with Schmitt? Golani only beat the best kid in the state at that weight.

45666555 4 years ago

you, should show joey golani's match against schmidt

Pat 4 years ago

Is there any reporting going on giving updates on the winners of the tournament?

wrestling fan 4 years ago

i was wondering if we could get the bout 128 for Division 3 put up on here i missed it n wanted to watch it

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